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About Us

Hakimson Corporation is a diversified private holding company with significant investments in mining, hospitality and consumer product businesses. The company was founded by Andry Hakim as Exoduz Corporation under PT. Exoduz Teknologi Indonesia in November 9, 2012, but later changed its name to Hakimson Corporation under PT. Hakimson Global Indonesia.

Hakimson is guided by simple strong philosophical values of innovation, creativity, and quality-service-at-a-great-price as a standard that influence our work. We’re looking for new places where we can make a difference and make the world a better place through setting a good example of ethical behavior. Because when we do good deeds and we broadcast it to thousands of people, we encourage thousands of people to do the same.

To encourage rapid execution, Hakimson employees and engineers typically worked in teams of 2-3 people. We try to keep it small because people just don’t get productivity out of large groups. We let the small teams compete with each other in term of innovating something new. There is, of course, an approval process and some oversight, but basically we want to allow creative people to be creative.

One of our not-so-secret weapons is our ideas mailing list: a companywide suggestion box where people can post ideas ranging from parking procedures to the next killer project. It also allows everyone to comment on and rate ideas, permitting the best ideas to percolate to the top. The result was a flexible organization with small teams pursuing hundreds of projects.

We are truly thankful to have the support of our customers and hope that our page will help us to get to know with each other, learn more about Hakimson including our product and service offers, and create a fun community by connecting with other people who like Hakimson too.

Mission: To create People.Planet.Profit product to the mass market so people can live better.

We are in the industry to make people live better through aspects of innovation and simple design. We believe simplicity is both powerful and elegant. We offer products and services of superior quality with an affordable price because we value our customers and we do not underestimate them.

Vision: To be the fastest growing and most profitable holding company in the world.

We tried to keep our company small because we've found that the best way to get big is by being small. There's no clumsy hierarchy and bureaucracy, only the best talented people pursuing their creativity to create a great place to work and to build the best products and services that the world can offer.

Mantra: Omotenashi (Service with Heart) and Kaizen (Continuous Improvement)

We always try to innovate and improve both big things and small things. We dare to take risks, so do not be surprised if we place bets in areas that seem very speculative or even strange. We will not shy away from high risk, high reward projects because of short term pressure.

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