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Paper Straws (Hakimson Pro)

Paper Straws (Hakimson Pro)

December 21, 2018


Hakimson Pro is a product manufacturing and development company that focus on consumer products. Currently we produce biodegradable paper straw and high quality medical facemask.

Did you know that plastic straws are used within 10 minutes but remain on earth forever? Plastic straws are not recyclable, they are too small and lightweight to be captured in modern recycling equipments. That is why they tend to end up in our ocean polluting the sea and harming sea life.

500 million straws are used each day in the US, enough to circle the earth 2.5 times. Right now almost 90% of marine animals have eaten plastic. If we do not act now, by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean.

Every purchase of our eco-friendly paper straw will be donated to fund ocean clean up. So when you purchase our product you are contributing to a cleaner earth. Join our cause and make a difference! Because when we do good deeds and we broadcast it to thousands of people, we encourage thousands of people to do the same. You can find us at Tokopedia.com #saynotoplastic

Hakimson Paper Straw was founded on December 21, 2018.


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