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Our calculation is crazy, but it's not crazy enough to be true.

Where do we invest?

Here are our asset allocation

Stocks Market

Mid-long term investment and high gain

We mainly invest in the Indonesian stock market because it has higher return compared to the US stock market. Most of the time we invest in the financial and tech companies. In 2020-2021 our annual stock market return is more than 2500%. Our return on investment is far greater than both Warren Buffet and Cathie Woods.

Forex Market

Fast trade and liquid

We mainly trade in the EUR/USD and XAU/USD market because they are stable and has high volume transaction. We trade daily using an EA software that we partnered with. Our profit target is 1% daily from our initial deposit. Our forex annual return is around 100%-300%. Also higher than Warren Buffet and Cathie Woods.

Business / Startup

Long term investment and slower ROI

We invest in startups that we think has huge potential in the future. Most of the time we invest in properties, consumer products, commodities, and tech companies. Yet, the ROI in startups is much slower compared to our Stocks and Forex gains. Our goal is to guide those startups into IPO.

Our investment strategy

We invest in a company that:


We only invest in business sectors that we understand.


We invest in business that has solid teamwork. Like a saying, if you want to go far, go together.


We invest in business that will survive in another 20 to 50 years from now.


We invest in business that has competitive advantage against their competitor.


We invest in business that sells at the right price with their potential future value.


Last but not least, a good leader or a good team? We’ll choose a good leader, because a good leader will create a good team.

Investment allocation

As you can see, the majority of our investment are in stocks.

Almost 85% of our investment are through Stock Market. In 2020-2021 our stock market return is around 2500% as we invest most of our portfolio in the financial technology sector. We invest Bank Jago since 2019 with an average price of Rp463/shares, way earlier than Gojek. We also invest in Allo Bank since 2020 with an average price of Rp177/shares.

Next biggest thing that we invest are in the forex market and properties. Our forex investment has annual return around 100%-300%. Our properties investment return is much slower compared to stocks and forex due to the pandemic.

In the mining sector we still exported our kaolin clay to regular customers worldwide, with major buyers from China, India and The Middle East.

  • Stock Market
  • Forex Market
  • Media
  • Properties
  • Mining
  • Consumer

Year to date growth
(Jan 2021 - Dec 2021)

Hakimson vs Berkshire Hathaway vs Ark Invest vs Bitcoin

As you can see from the chart, in 2021 Hakimson Investment’s portfolio gain and returns is way much higher than Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway, Cathie Woods’ Ark Invest, S&P 500 and even Bitcoin.

The credit goes to Andry Hakim as the founder of this company. As all of Hakimson’s investment are still managed and maintained everyday by Andry Hakim himself.