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Hakimson is an Indonesian investment holding company in the sector of finance, technology, real estate and mining. In 2020-2021, our investment portfolio gain an increase of more than 2500% in value. We also owned investment in the largest kaolin clay mining company in Southeast Asia, located in Indonesia. It takes great money management, patience, discipline and honesty to get to where we are today.

Hakimson Holdings

Hakimson Holdings is an Indonesian investment holding company that focus on investing in good potential companies worldwide. We have several investments in public companies and businesses; in the sector of real estate, logistics, education platform and commodity trades.

Hakimson Homes

Hakimson Homes is a property management company that focus on renting good value residential apartments and houses. We use third party platform to list and manage our rental units. We love to teach people the experience to live like the locals.

Hakimson Logistics

Hakimson Logistic is a shipping barge rental company based in Indonesia. We transport shipments of coal and nickel to both local and international companies. We are your best companion on the ocean. We make sure your goods are delivered safe and sound.


Stockwise is a financial education and investment community platform that teach people the right way to invest in the stock market. We are trying to build a platform where we can connect new investors through mobile application where they can share their investing experience.


Alterco is a mineral and commodity export company in Indonesia. We also own the largest kaolin clay mining in South East Asia located in Belitung Island of Indonesia. We exported our clay worldwide to China, India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Vietnam and The Middle East.

We are one of the early investor of Bank Jago in 2019, way before Gojek.

In the period of 2020-2021 our investment portfolio grew by more than 2500%.
The key is to invest in companies that has good corporate governance.

These are business sectors that we are interested to invest.

However, we also do invest in other business sectors as long as they have competitive advantage and solid management. Feel free to email us if you think you have a brilliant business ideas.

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We only invest in companies that has competitive advantage.
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Mind = Knowledgeable & Wise
Heart = Professional & Calm
Weapon = Fully Informational & Strong Management
Mind = Knowledgeable & Wise
Heart = Professional & Calm
Weapon = Fully Informational & Strong Management


Nobody invest money the way we do.

We dare to take risks, so do not be surprised if we place bets in business that seem speculative or even strange. We will not shy away from high risk, high reward projects because of short term pressure. We see being great at something as a starting point, not an endpoint. We always believe that we can do better and there is always room for improvement.