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At Hakimson we believe that happiness at work is the ultimate productivity booster. We believe that great creative things are more likely to happen when people are happy. Work should be challenging but the challenge must be fun. Hakimson employees were encouraged to work independently and to spend 20% of their time working on projects of their own choosing.
To encourage rapid execution, Hakimson employees and engineers typically worked in teams of 2-3 people. We try to keep it small because people just don’t get productivity out of large groups. We let the small teams compete with each other in term of innovating something new. There is, of course, an approval process and some oversight, but basically we want to allow creative people to be creative.
One of our not-so-secret weapons is our ideas mailing list: a companywide suggestion box where people can post ideas ranging from parking procedures to the next killer project. It also allows everyone to comment on and rate ideas, permitting the best ideas to percolate to the top. The result was a flexible organization with small teams pursuing hundreds of projects.
Below are some of our recent projects that we have been working on. Stay tuned, more is coming!